Meyers Blue Springs Funeral Chapel

Welcome to Meyers Funeral Chapel, located at 1600 Main St., Blue Springs, Missouri. At Meyers Funeral Chapel, we believe that we play an important role in guiding families to create meaningful, personalized funerals that honor the lives lived by their loved ones.

As the one of the only family owned funeral home in Blue Springs, we take special care to abide by a higher code of ethics when caring for your loved one. We give The Meyers Family Promiseā„¢ to all we are privileged to serve as their family funeral home.

We promise to be committed to helping your family during their grief, with the recognition that all grief is personal and specific to each individual. We will work with families to create the most personal and unique tribute to the person who dies and support any appropriate request to commemorate the life that was lived.

We promise to create opportunities for family members and friends to grieve in a safe and supportive environment.

We acknowledge that we cannot make the pain go away, but through our efforts we can make the journey of grief less lonely and perhaps a little easier.